Have you been Chasing The Orgasm?

A detailed 21st century self-help book for sex addicts or the friends and family of sex addicts. Learn all about what causes this affliction and what you can do to beat it!

Chasing The Orgasm Paperback Cover

Are you or a loved one addicted to sex?

 We’re sure that if addicts are willing to take this book seriously and follow this guideline for those who want to fight their demons, namely sexual addiction, if they are willing to really try (and what do they really have to lose?), they can beat this thing.

Excerpt from Chasing the Orgasm...


Longing for love drove me to make poor decisions, but confusing sex and love affected my life forever. One bad decision nearly cost me everything. There was not a lot of love in my childhood home, at least not that I could see. My parents seldom hugged me or told me that they loved me. I never heard anyone say they were proud of me. I felt like a stranger in my own home.

The things that were important to me seemed like a joke to others. How I longed for someone who could understand me. When I was fourteen, I met Luke, an older guy at school. He was in his senior year and good looking. Everyone seemed to admire him. I certainly did. We started dating and within a week he told me that he loved me, something I desperately needed to hear. My life seemed perfect. I looked forward to the day I could leave my parents behind and marry the love of my life.

Everything was great between us and I felt like an equal for once… until one day when Luke showed his true side. He told me that he would leave me if I didn’t give him money for drugs. Of course, he knew I had no money, so what he was really doing was demanding that I sleep with other men and bring him the money.

I refused, of course, but after he blackmailed me by threatening to post online indecent photos and videos that he had taken of me, I agreed to be his “Little Money Maker”. Yeah, that’s what he called me. I endured this treatment for more than two years, trying to please him and thinking that it was love, convincing myself that if I continued to bring him money, he wouldn’t leave me. After all, what does a young teenage girl know about love, right?

Luke got tired of our “relationship” with me and brought in a new partner. I tried to please him by basically being their slave, but finally one day I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the Police. Some may call me a rat or a snitch, but I felt that I was trapped and had no choice. After talking to several cops, I finally found one who believed me.

Luke and his friend got arrested and convicted for human trafficking and drug possession. They are still in prison and probably will be for a very long time. I went back to my family. They were disappointed in me and let me know it, but little by little, we became a family again. After what I’d been thorough, my mother and father seemed like saints.

Table Of Contents

  1. You Are Not Alone – Other People’s Stories
  2. I Wasn’t Born This Way–Learning Values as a Child
  3. Mental Health and Sex Addiction
  4. Physical Health and Sex Addiction
  5. The Orgasm as a Drug–Your Brain Chemistry
  6. Up Close and Impersonal–Sex and Love Online
  7. You Can’t Buy Love–Using Sex Workers to Fill a Need
  8. Fetishes and Deviations From the Norm
  9. Keeping It In The Family–Incest And Other Dirty Secrets
  10. Cross Addiction–When It’s About More Than Sex
  11. From Bars to Bars—How Sex Drives Can Lead To Prison
  12. Addiction and Triggers
  13. Taking a Meeting–Does Group Therapy Really Work?
  14. Two-Minute Warning–A Chance to Get Things Right
  15. How addicted are you–Questionnaire
  16. Final Thoughts
  17. Supplemental: Morality–Religion, Science, and Society’s View

We noticed how people hide and avoid talking about what they feel are shameful addictions such as sex addiction, drugs, alcohol, etc.

It’s easier to say people are smokers by choice or that they just like the taste of alcohol than it is to admit that they have a problem and then work to conquer it.

There is no denying that sex is enjoyable, but when it infringes on the rights of others or begins to replace other things that are equally or more important in society’s eyes, then there is a definite problem that must be overcome.

In 2018 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that compulsive sexual behavior disorder has been added to its updated listing of the International Classification of Diseases.

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About the authors...

Cristina Draganescu is an experienced sociologist who has authored several books and papers. She holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and has conducted numerous case studies over the years.

Charles Marshinski is the talented author of numerous writings – novels, screenplays, and self-help books.